Cirquity is a private, fast, secure and easy way to send money to friends and businesses. Allowing you to be your own bank.


About Cirquity

A summary of the project and why we're doing it.

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What is Cirquity

Our coin is based on Cryptonote technology and using Argon2 Chukwa algorithm. Our goal for Cirquity is to be used on any aspect of transactions globally.

Why Cirquity is created

Mainly because there are many limits when sending money, making transactions in different currencies or different banks and countries. The cost is high, and you have no control over it.


What are we doing

With the blockchain-based cryptocurrency Cirquity, transactions will be faster, private and secure. Thus, building a CirqPay payment system with a minimum transaction cost to allow everyone to pay and make comfortable and fast transactions. Having a community focus blockchain, Cirquity is own by everyone allowing the decentralization of the currency.

What makes it different?

Some features to help you why chose Cirquity

fast loading

Fast Transactions

Cirquity is creating blocks every 30 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes. Your money travels 20x faster.


Mining is Easy

Cirquity comes with its own basic CPU miner, and you can also use other mining software or mining pools


Private and Secure

Cirquity is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Every transaction is private by default with Ring Signature implemented.


Made with Love

Cirquity is open source and everyone can see the code, if it's not made with love? At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.

Argon2 Chukwa

PoW algorithm

1 Billion coins

Max supply

5 (0.00000)

Decimal point


P2P port

30 seconds

Block time


Emission speed factor

Retargets at every block



RPC port


Unlock window


Public address prefix







and get started.

We have builds for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu Linux. You can also get the source code!

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Microsoft Windows

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Linux Distribution

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Source Code

Latest Release


We are working tirelessly to improve Cirquity and it's software. We still have a lot of things to do, and some of it is already done.

  • Jan 2020

    Our Humble Beginnings

    On January 1, 2020 I woke up and decided that I want to create a secure payment platform and new currency.
    And Cirquity was born.

  • Jan 2020

    Pool & Explorer

    On the third week of February, we've launch our main Mining Pool and the week after that our blockchain Explorer is online.

  • Feb 2020

    Wallet GUI

    Our Desktop Wallet GUI has been launch and ready to use. You can download it on our github release page.

  • March 2020

    Mobile Wallet

    Our Android Wallet has been launch and ready to use. We are working on our iPhone application.

  • In progress


    We are working on getting listed on several exchanges. Nanu Exchange
    Cratex Exchange
    VinDAX Exchange
    ProBitEx Exchange Exchange

  • In progress


    We already started the development of our Payment Service, to allow e-commerce sites and other developers to integrate Cirquity on their applications.

  • May 2020


    Cirquity has been added on the gaming platform OreCoinGames. Allowing CIRQ to be used as Credits on their games.

  • May / June 2020


    Cirquity has been listed on CoinMarketCap on May 26, 2020 and after that, Cirquity has been listed on VinDAX and ProBitEx

  • October 2020

    New Exchange

    Cirquity has been listed on with 5 pairs on exchange.

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    of our story


Thanks to our partners who's supporting us to make this happen.